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[Error: unknown template qotd]WATER! I drink about 2 L of water every day. But other than water, I'd say coffee. I don't enjoy coffee as much as I need it to stay awake. But I do really enjoy the smell of coffee. I love the smell of coffee.
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Yayyyyy my new laptop arrived! I'm in the stages of setting it up to how I like it and transferring files over. Can't wait until I have everything installed.

My new glasses are also here.

Oh, and we have to wear name tags at Starbucks now.

On Jan 16th it was my 10th time donating blood so I got a neat pin with the number 10 on it. So happy. My iron was 136 g/L!! Amazing! 

The following are stats that I just want to keep for reference so I can delete them from my phone. Speaking of my phone, I need to get a new one. At a work function the other night, a coworker from another division asked, "Is that a phone?" when she saw my phone. O_O

May 14, 2012
iron 124 g/L (too low! cut-off is at 125g/L), 126 g/L on second reading. This was when I was taking iron supplements daily, and not eating meat at all.
blood pressure 119/65
pulse 72
temp 37.3

Oct 29, 2012
iron 131 g/L
BP 141/70
pulse 79
temp 36.9

Jan 16, 2013
iron 136 g/L
BP 112/56
pulse 72
temp 36.6

I'm exhausted form a weekend of working. Time for bed since I've got my full time job tomorrow, and then I'm working at my full-time job and at Starbucks on Tuesday! Good night!!

P.S. I'm soooo behind on reading friends pages but I will get to it eventually!
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The SlutWalk was today. Click here to read an article in the Toronto Star about it.

It's supposed to be protesting against what a police officer said about avoiding sexual assault by not dressing like a slut. does this protest help? I don't get it. If somebody can explain this to me, that'd be great.

Wouldn't it make more sense to respond in a different way? Like getting a bunch of people to sit in front of police stations or high traffic areas holding signs that had FACTS on them or something? You know, the whole "did you know that blah blah blah" and maybe ones with myths (including the one about people who dress provocatively).

Apparently one of the requests the organizers made to the police was for them to "improve public outreach programs, with an emphasis on consent and 'rape myths.'"
Guess what?? It's not only the police's job to dispel myths! Anyone and everyone can do this. But how is dressing like a slut and walking around in Toronto supposed to accomplish this objective?

I think the whole SlutWalk thing is an ineffective approach to get out a message. The founders of the walk thought that the police would respond to the event. But they didn't. Hmm, I wonder why? It just seems like a poorly thought out idea.

What did the "sluts" in the walk get from the walk? Did they even know what they were walking for? I bet most people were in it just to dress up and walk in a group. This reminds me of the facebook "awareness campaigns" on breast cancer and child abuse. Posting a mysteriously suggestive status or changing your profile pic to your favourite childhood cartoon isn't going to do shit. Yes, now that everyone has Barney and Mickey as their picture, child abuse will cease to exist. What a load of crap! This stuff makes me lose hope in humanity.

What do you think?
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...because all I want to do is shop! AHH!! RETAIL THERAPY I LUV U
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My laser printer "ran out" of toner about a year ago. Thankfully, I knew about the Brother laser printer toner trick (where you cover up the toner level detecting sensors inside the printer).
Tonight the toner level was finally low enough to warrant switching to a new toner cartridge.

A stats page was printed out after the new toner cartridge was installed. Here are some shocking statistics:

Total Pages Printed: 2035

Error history
1: JAM INSIDE Page: 808
2: TONER LIFE END Page: 621

Holy crap. You know what this means?! The toner lasted 1,414 pages after its life had apparently ended! Wowzers. I hope everyone with a Brother laser printer learns about this trick before they install that new toner at 622 pages.
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It's really gross.

How does one clean a belly button? A cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol will do the trick. Eww, but it's really gross. Did I mention it's gross?

But then you have such a clean belly button after! 

In other news, last night I went out to a friend's birthday thing at Sneaky Dee's. I lost track of time and didn't leave until 1:30am! Thankfully I caught a streetcar and a train. I did get stranded at Kennedy station but thankfully again, there was a taxi waiting outside the station! Yay! So I got home around 3ish and went to bed. Now I am drying off after a shower and then I will have to get ready for work soon. Byeeee!
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I know that getting anxious about this won't help. I'm trying to stay calm but so far it's not working! I feel so unprepared because there is so much to know. I just need to pass. Dear SAP Gods, please allow me to pass!!!

Random question: Do you breathe through your nose in the shower? If not, why buy nice smelling shampoos and body washes? I don't get why I smell my body washes or shampoos before I buy them because I don't breathe through my nose in the shower.
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You may remember my rant about the McDonald's burger "experiment" and the very unscientific methods and ideas.

Finally, a real experiment. Thank you! I would have left a comment but I was too lazy to sign up on the website. This makes me feel better.
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I have to go study now and then go to a doctor's appointment. But I'm going to have friends over later so it's all good. Have a great day, everybody! :D
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If you want to get me something, please check out my wishlist!

Woooo!! I got to open some presents last night since Jeff's mom was in town and had my gifts. They were awesome! Eeeeee! I think my "thing" is cats! Hahaha! I used to think I didn't have a "thing" but now I do. It's fun. It makes it easier to buy me things because I will love anything cat-related. Too funny.

I got these super soft sweatpants that I'm wearing right now (and I will wear to Walmart to pick up some shampoo). I'm a happy girl!
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Ohhh my goodness. This grey nail polish is super pretty, and you only need two coats!

Pretty! The brush is flat and big so even though I think it looks ugly, it fans out nicely to cover your nail and makes the application easier.

Here are my nails with some Konad flower stamps:

I used the white Konad special polish for the stamp design. Not sure what I'm going to do to the other hand. Ideas?
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I am seriously sick of people doing "experiments" on McDonald's foods. I just saw an article in The Toronto Star about an artist who took a picture of her happy meal every day.

So you find that it doesn't rot; it just turns to stone. What's the point? Is everything that's healthy supposed to go bad? What are you trying to prove here? It's cool that it doesn't rot, but who cares? I have some dehydrated mushrooms that aren't going to go bad any time soon. I think I'll take a picture of them every day and see how they change. Or not.

I think what pisses me off the most is the person who wrote about her 12-year-old burger. "Ladies, Gentleman, and children alike – this is a chemical food," wrote the burger-owner, Karen. What exactly is a "chemical food"? Aren't all foods made of chemicals? Isn't EVERYTHING made of chemicals?

Do you really need to convince people that McD's is bad for you? I think everybody knows this already. So what are you trying to do? I feel like they're trying to say, "See, SEE?? It's bad! That's why I don't eat it!" as if they were trying to defend their eating choices. It also stirs up the cognitive dissonance of people who love McDonald's and will now defend it.

I'm now reading some of the comments left on the page and I feel a bit better. Not everyone is buying it, which gives me hope. Thank you, critical thinkers! Karen commented too:

Not sure what is misleading about a picture of a 12 year old McDonald’s Hamburger. I personally have nothing to gain from sharing.
This person's response sums up how I feel:

Nothing to gain from sharing except publicity, traffic to your website, and scaring people into using your services. IF the hamburger really is 12 years old, it’s not a “lack of nutritional value” that prevented it from decomposing; as other commenters have pointed out, it’s the fact that you let it dry out in an airtight environment. A completely preservative-free organic burger would look the same after 12 years if stored in similar conditions. This is a cheap gimmick–you’d do better to be honest and well-informed with the information you provide rather than relying on scare tactics and pseudoscience to try to “teach” your audience about health and wellness. Shame on you.

Great, now I am craving McDonald's. But not because I want to choose something healthy but because it just tastes good. Sigh.
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For those of you who aren't familiar with the show, there was a scene where the police discover fingertips frozen in a block of ice.

So I decided to paint my nails the same way!

My purple is a bit more blue-toned and the green isn't as yellow-toned, but I tried my best with what I had. I actually screwed up my left hand and switched the ring and pinky finger colours but I don't think other people are really going to notice heh heh heh. Mmmm nail polish.
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They can't both be grape.

Dark red lollipop,
Tastes of grapes; I wonder what,
The purple one's like.
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I wanted to donate blood this Thursday but I've been blacklisted because of my seizure in December 2009. This means I can't donate blood until January 2011. I called and asked their nurse whether I could be taken off the list since I went to a neurologist and all the tests came back normal, but they said I had to be seizure-free for 2 years before donating. Ffffffuxxx0r. I am pretty sad right now.
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Today I checked the mail and saw that there was a letter for me on the top of the pile. I went out to grab it and right before I touched the envelope, a gust of wind blew it back into the mailroom. I asked the concierge whether they had access to that room but they do not. I asked whether the mailperson would put it back in my mailbox and she said hopefully. Great. How inconvenient. What if it was urgent? Gah. I guess I'll have to hope that tomorrow it's in there.
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Nooooooo my expensive tampon! Lesson learned: never leave tampons in the reach of cats. Apparently these are fun to play with.
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I just finished watching an episode of How I Met Your Mother and a character on there is a "loud chewer." This character chews with her mouth closed but the chewing is still loud. I have been told that I chew loudly, and I chew with my mouth closed as well. What I don't get is, how would I chew quietly? Doesn't the sound depend on what you're eating? How can I control the volume of the crunch? Can somebody help provide some answers for me?
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Ugh, I am so tired of movies with Meryl Streep's having sex. I don't want to think about her having sex. Not one bit.
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Yesterday Lauren and I learned a new dance. I pulled a muscle in my side...most likely an oblique muscle of some sort. It hurts when I walk. It's funny how you don't realize how many muscles you're using to do everyday things until you hurt yourself. Ah, biology.

Parents who make their toddlers (who suck at walking down stairs) walk down the stairs instead of take the elevator need to get punched in the head. MOVE OVER. And couples, do you really need to hold hands while walking down the stairs? Really? Thanks for blocking the way, assholes.


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